A Ft. Bliss Military Attorney Discusses the Marines Nude Photo Scandal

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At Military Trial Defenders, we are committed to providing first-rate legal support and counsel to America’s soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines who face criminal charges. We pride ourselves on our superior team of Ft. Bliss military attorneys, we extend our services to various military members through the nation and the world. Because of this, we are constantly monitoring news sources for stories and events that are pertinent to our clientele. One such event is the “Marines Nude Photo Scandal” which has been circulating the media since early March. The details of this scandal are still being unveiled, but here are a few things we know so far.

The Marines Nude Photo Scandal

This scandal was first revealed when journalist Thomas Brennan published a story about a Facebook group called “Marines United”. The group was home to roughly 30,000 members and served as a platform for sharing nude photos of female colleagues and conversation that encouraged sexual assault.

The act of sharing nude photos in the military has not been limited to Facebook or to the Marine Corps, however. Another website, called Anon-IB, has a dedicated board for members of the military that exists for the purpose of sharing nude photographs. Some of the images are pornographic. Others are innocent snapshots of female service members along with a request for “wins” (naked photographs) of those particular women. Many of these photos were posted without permission. Apparently, this image-sharing message board is military-wide and has been active since at least May of 2016. Marine officials have uncovered at least a half dozen similar sites.

Applicable UCMJ Articles

Pentagon officials are worried that sites such as Anon-IB will destroy morale and trust in addition to discouraging women from joining the armed forces. Because of this, active-duty military members who were involved in photo sharing are subject to charges under the UCMJ. For enlisted troops, Article 134 – general misconduct – could apply. Officers could also be subject to conduct unbecoming charges under Article 133. Lastly, the military personnel who shared a photo without the subject’s consent in an obvious violation of privacy have reason to be charged under Article 120 – distribution or broadcasting of indecent visual recording.

Seek Counsel from a Ft. Bliss Military Attorney

While the Marines Nude Photo Scandal centers on the Marine Corps, such incidents occur all over the country at various degrees. Our passionate team of Ft. Bliss military attorneys is equipped to defend men and women who face criminal charges for sexual assault and honor charges. We want our nation’s heroes to know that they are not alone when they face allegations. Contact a Ft. Bliss military attorney from Military Trial Defenders for more information.



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