Military Trial Defenders, PLLC & Wood Law, PLLC

Lance Wood is a distinguished legal professional with a remarkable background in military law and a steadfast commitment to upholding the Constitution of the United States. With a career spanning both military and civilian roles, he has consistently demonstrated his dedication to justice and the principles upon which the nation was founded.


Lance Wood earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree at the University of Denver College of Law, where he honed his legal skills and laid the foundation for his future career. This prestigious institution provided him with a strong academic background that would serve as the basis for his remarkable legal career.

Military Service:

Three days after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Lance Wood took a profound step in service to his country by joining the United States Air Force JAG Corps. This momentous decision marked the beginning of a career dedicated to defending the Constitution and the principles it embodies. Throughout his nearly ten-year tenure in the Air Force, Lance served in various capacities, which included:

Prosecutor: Lance Wood worked as a prosecutor, where he was responsible for pursuing cases on behalf of the military and the nation. This role allowed him to gain invaluable insights into the workings of the military justice system.

Defense Counsel: As a defense counsel, Lance defended service members accused of various offenses. His commitment to ensuring fair trials and upholding the rights of his clients set him apart as a passionate advocate for justice.

Appellate Defense Counsel: In his role as an appellate defense counsel, Lance Wood continued to champion the cause of justice by handling appeals and working tirelessly to protect the rights of service members.

In 2011, Lance Wood left active duty with an impressive accolade to his name. He was recognized as the #1 Senior Defense Counsel in the Air Force, a testament to his outstanding legal abilities and dedication to his clients.

Civilian Legal Career:

Following his honorable service in the United States Air Force, Lance Wood transitioned to civilian life while maintaining his unwavering commitment to defending the Constitution. He became a civilian military attorney and co-founded Military Trial Defenders & Wood Law, PLLC, a law firm that specializes in providing legal representation to service members. His firm is committed to using the Constitution as a guiding principle to fight for justice, ensuring that there are no sides to justice—only justice itself.


  • Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of Denver College of Law.
  • Recognized as the #1 Senior Defense Counsel in the United States Air Force.
  • Co-founder of Military Trial Defenders & Wood Law, PLLC, a law firm committed to defending service members using the principles of the Constitution.

Lance’s life remains dedicated to preserving the principles enshrined in the Constitution by challenging the prosecution machine of the armed forces and advocating for those who have defended America. He firmly believes that the Constitution is not a mere technicality but a document created by the Founding Fathers to ensure that justice is preserved.

In summary, Lance Wood’s exceptional journey from his legal education to his distinguished military service and his ongoing civilian legal career highlights his profound commitment to justice, the Constitution, and the defense of those who serve their nation. His expertise and dedication make him a true advocate for the principles that underpin the United States’ legal system.