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If you are an El Paso resident, a retired military member, or a Ft. Bliss Military attorney, you likely know a lot about Fort Bliss. If you are like most Americans, however, you may not even know where Fort Bliss is! Luckily, the attorneys at Military Trial Defenders have put together a few facts and historical tidbits about this impressive army base.

Fort Bliss – A History Spanning Over 150 Years

On January 11, 1854, the Fort of El Paso was established under the orders of Secretary of War Jefferson Davis. A few months later, on March 8, 1854, the base was renamed “Fort Bliss”. This name serves to honor LTC William Bliss, the son-in-law of President Zachary Taylor. Today, the location of Fort Bliss has moved, but it still shares residence in the states of Texas and New Mexico. The headquarters of Fort Bliss are located in the beautiful city of El Paso. With roughly half a million people living in El Paso, this city offers plenty of activities and attractions. El Paso also sits right on the border of Mexico, so its culture represents a unique fusion between Mexican and U.S. culture.

Understanding the Size of Fort Bliss

As the army’s second largest base, Fort Bliss has lot to offer to both military members and the city surrounding it. Fort Bliss has been known to contribute up to 1.7 billion dollars to the El Paso economy, and El Paso residents reap the financial benefits of its presence in their city.  Moreover, Fort Bliss contributes greatly to cultural depth of the city. This army base hosts The Replica Museum, the Fort Bliss Museum, and the Ironsides Museum. These museums offer opportunities for Texas residents and history fans to learn about the history of the army and Fort Bliss.

For members of the army, Fort Bliss offers many impressive commodities. Sitting on approximately 1.12 million acres of land, Fort Bliss offers over 3,000 housing units to on-base troops. Fort Bliss is also known for its large training area size, where members of the army prepare for field work. Fort Bliss provides an environment for Army families to thrive, as well. This base has four elementary schools and one high school, and childcare is offered for younger children. There are also several restaurants and retail shops in Freedom Crossing, a shopping center on base.

A Ft. Bliss Military Attorney Can Help in Complicated Situations

With its rich history and dynamic present, Fort Bliss has to offer members of the army. Still, military members face many complicated situations, and they may need to seek legal counsel or defense at one point or another. Luckily, members of the army can find a Ft. Bliss Military Attorney at Military Trial Defenders in El Paso. A Ft. Bliss Military Attorney has a specialized understanding of the structure of Fort Bliss, and he or she can aid clients in determining the best plan of action in the face of a complex legal scenario. So, don’t hesitate to contact the attorneys at Military Trial Defenders if you desire a consultation.



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