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1.  We are a Law Firm. Many civilian defense “law firms” are, in reality, solo attorneys. We are a law firm composed of hand-picked litigators. We are warriors ready to stand beside you and fight for your freedom. The government has unlimited resources and will have a team of attorneys whose job is to ensure that you are convicted. You need an experienced team that is ready to defend you in the fight to save your career and your future. Choosing a law firm to defend your rights will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and the choice will have consequences that will impact not only your career and retirement, but the rest of your life. Our firm has the experience, dedication, and passion necessary to ensure that you have no regrets and that at the end of your case you’re confident you had the best trial defense team possible on your side.

2.  We are your strategic counsel. Military Defense Counsel are not a “one size” fits all government solution to your case. When you sit down with your military counsel, you will notice that there was no matchmaking when you filled out your client questionnaire or profile. There was no consideration of whether or not you are comfortable with your attorney or the services they can provide. Most likely, you will receive an appointment and speak with the first available attorney. When you make the decision to hire private representation, you are choosing the attorneys who will be fighting with you to save your career, your life, and your future. It is essential that the choice must not be taken likely and should not be left up to the luck of the draw.

3.  We are experienced. The majority of appointed military defense counsel are junior officers with no more than 2-4 years of experience in the military, let alone the courtroom. For many, this is their first time being a defense counsel and for some their first job as an attorney. For others, this may not just be their first assignment as a defense counsel, but it is most likely their first drug case, rape case, child pornography case, etc. Imagine the defending Super Bowl champions putting their entire season and the biggest moment of their career in the hands of a quarterback that has never even played in a football game. Except a court-martial or other military adverse action is not a game—it is your life.

4.  We are successful. Military Trial Defenders is a law firm that has earned more than 30 years of trial experience. Our team consists of three trial attorneys who have seen the battles of litigation from every possible scenario and won big cases for our clients. When we talk about serving the needs of our clients it is not in the abstract—it is something we have done and will do again. We will not take a case unless we believe in it and are fully prepared to give our all to defend our clients’ rights and freedom. In our careers, the military consistently ranked us number one against our peers; we have tried hundreds of cases, litigated hearings, and consistently achieved a high level of success for our clients. The triumphs each of our attorneys during their military careers resulted in them being ranked not only among the best, but at the very top: our attorneys include two former number one ranked senior defense counsel in the Air Force, the most prolific senior trial attorney during his tour, and the former Chief of Military Justice and Trial advocacy training at the Air Force Judge Advocate General’s School. Additionally, all of our attorneys were hand selected to the Air Force TRIALS program—a cutting edge trial advocacy training program for young JAGs from all branches of the military. We have tried to verdict virtually every offense under the UCMJ, including cases involving the death penalty. There is no other military defense law firm that has the same breadth of experience and qualifications as Military Trial Defenders.

5.  We stand together. We bring a team to the fight. When you choose our firm you are not hiring an entity that is going to send one person to sit next to you. You are enlisting a team of experienced former active duty JAGs that will bring their individual talents to your case. No matter how great an attorney might tell you they are, we have the wisdom to know that the parts of our team make it whole. Each of us have attained great individual success, but when we choose to represent a client—to enter the fray on their behalf—we choose a team approach to outwork and outmaneuver the government in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for each client.



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