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Thirty-seven days after 9/11, I raised my hand and swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States when I joined the United States Air Force JAG Corps. As a civilian military attorney, I continue to uphold that oath and defend my clients by using the Constitution to fight for justice. There are no sides to justice. There is only justice. I have seen a case from every angle. Over my nearly ten-year Air Force career, I served as a prosecutor, defense counsel and appellate defense counsel. In 2011, I left active duty after being recognized as the #1 Senior Defense Counsel in the Air Force. I left the Air Force because my next job was going to be a deputy prosecutor in a base legal office. After years as a defense counsel, I could not and would not return to that side of the aisle. My life is still dedicated to upholding and defending the Constitution by fighting against the prosecution machine of the armed forces. The Constitution is not a technicality; it is a document our Founding Fathers created to make sure justice is preserved. There is no greater calling than defending those who defend America.


Attorney Representing Military Members


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