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Lance Wood Colorado Springs Certified Military Lawyer

Lance Wood, a Colorado native, has spent 20+ years as a military defense lawyer. His journey began with a solemn oath taken 37 days after 9/11 to uphold and defend the Constitution as part of the United States Air Force JAG Corps. Lance’s extensive career included roles as a prosecutor, defense counsel, and appellate defense counsel, earning him recognition as the #1 Senior Defense Counsel in the Air Force in 2011. His unwavering commitment to justice and defending those who protect America is evident, and as a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, he continues to champion this cause. Lance’s work in Colorado Springs reflects his belief that the Constitution is not a mere technicality but a cornerstone of justice.

Meet Lance

Christopher Cazares, Colorado Springs Certified Military Lawyer

Chris Cazares started his legal career with the Air Force. He holds a J.D. and boasts over a decade of legal experience. His career has encompassed roles as both a defense lawyer and prosecutor, reflecting his adaptability and unwavering commitment to justice. Commissioned in the United States Air Force in 2001, Chris served as a military defense lawyer, top-ranked prosecutor, and instructor. He has handled numerous cases, including a death penalty defense, and is dedicated to meeting his clients’ unique needs. His impactful legal contributions extend to the Colorado Springs community, where he has made a significant mark.

Tim Cedar Colorado Springs Certified Military Lawyer

Tim Cedar, an attorney with a decade of military justice experience as a Navy JAG, is dedicated to achieving justice for his clients. He represents servicemembers in various branches, handling UCMJ charges and appeals. Additionally, he manages Redwood Law PLLC, where he combines his trial and civil litigation experience to advocate for injured pedestrians and cyclists in the Seattle-Tacoma area, bringing both legal skill and personal passion to these cases. Tim’s unwavering commitment to justice has been a constant in his career, from his military service to his civilian practice.

What Our Clients Say

“My legal team worked with Mr Woods to sort out all the ins and outs of the Fort Carson hospital command. He was very responsive to my needs and offered expertise in military law and defense. Mr Woods made me feel comfortable and more confident in navigating the military legal system. I am most appreciative to him!” –  A Colorado Military Serviceman 



Major Military Installments In The Area & Our Specialty

Colorado Springs, CO, hosts four major military installations, including Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, the Air Force Academy, and Fort Carson. Our team, led by Lance Wood, a local with Air Force ties, specializes in providing tailored legal support to military personnel and civilians associated with these installations. We understand their unique needs and challenges, offering expert guidance and assistance for a seamless legal experience.

Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base & NORAD

Peterson Air Force Base , nestled alongside the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, serves as the distinguished headquarters for the Air Force Space Command and houses NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command), a pivotal organization dedicated to aerospace warning and air sovereignty protection. Adjacent to Peterson, Schriever Air Force Base, an integral part of the Air Force Space Command, plays a significant role in our nation’s defense. Additionally, within this military complex, military trial defenders diligently work to ensure the legal rights and representation of servicemembers facing legal proceedings.

The United States Air Force Academy

The United States Air Force Academy is just north of Colorado Springs, the United States Air Force Academy sprawls across 18,500 acres and boasts an enrollment of over 4,000 cadet students. Graduates of the Academy earn coveted Bachelor of Science degrees and are commissioned as second lieutenants in the Air Force. The faculty, a blend of military personnel and civilians, guides the cadets in their academic pursuits. Upholding a strict ethical standard, students at the academy adhere to the Cadet Honor Code, which serves as a cornerstone for their professional training and development. Within this academic institution, military trial defenders also play a crucial role in safeguarding the legal rights and representation of cadets facing legal proceedings.

Fort Carson

 Fort Carson 

Fort Carson, the proud abode of the 4th Infantry Division of the Army, is not only a haven for this renowned division but also accommodates units of the Army Reserve, Navy Reserve, and the Colorado Army National Guard. Within this military installation, military trial defenders stand ready to provide essential legal representation and uphold the rights of servicemembers facing legal proceedings.

Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station

Cheyenne Mountain Complex , an underground facility of paramount importance, serves as the distinguished home to the U.S. Strategic Command’s Missile Warning Center and hosts a multitude of strategic survival and warning systems. Deep within this facility, military trial defenders play a vital role in ensuring the legal rights and representation of personnel facing legal proceedings, reinforcing the critical importance of justice even in the most secure and strategic environments.

Military Trial Defense Services

With a unique team approach to the process, Military Trial Defenders is your firm that will fight for you through the military justice system. We are local to Colorado Springs and our experienced team of attorneys specialize in sexual assault and drug offense legal defense. 

Sexual Assault

Military personnel facing sexual assault charges must have a dedicated team of legal defenders as these crimes are difficult and complicated to navigate. Consequences can range from disciplinary actions to federal convictions to sex offender registration or up to life in prison. Due to of the gravity and complications behind military sexual assault charges, you need a team as experienced as Military Trial Defenders.

Drug Offenses

Drug use offenses and positive drug tests can be a career-ending charge for members of the military.  That’s why you need an experienced team of military specialists on your side. The consequences surrounding these drug offenses can be very complicated depending on the circumstances and severity of charges.  If you are facing charges for a positive drug test or urinalysis, you need a defense lawyer on your side to help.

FAQ Section

Can you help me with Sexual Assault Charges?

Absolutely. Military personnel facing sexual assault charges require a dedicated legal defense team due to the complexity of these cases. Consequences can include disciplinary actions, federal convictions, sex offender registration, and even life imprisonment. Our experienced team at Military Trial Defenders specializes in handling these challenging cases.

Can you help me with Drug Offenses?

Drug use offenses and positive drug tests can jeopardize military careers. That’s why you need an experienced team of military specialists like Lawyer Lance Wood and Christopher Cazares on your side. Consequences for drug offenses can be complex, depending on the circumstances and charges’ severity. If you’re facing charges related to a positive drug test or urinalysis, our dedicated defense lawyers are here to assist you.


What Makes Military Trial Defenders Specialists In Colorado Springs?

 Military Trial Defenders stands out with our unique team approach in guiding clients through the military justice system. Based in Colorado Springs, we’re your local legal team specializing in sexual assault and drug offense defense.


What Evidence Do I Need To Beat A Sexual Assault Allegation?

Beating a sexual assault allegation requires a dedicated legal team with experience in navigating complex cases. Evidence needed can vary, but having an experienced team like Military Trial Defenders is crucial. Consequences for military sexual assault charges are serious, ranging from disciplinary actions to federal convictions and more. Our team is well-equipped to guide you through these challenges.


Are there any military branches / situations where you can’t represent me?

While Military Trial Defenders primarily focuses on legal defense in sexual assault  and drug offense cases, we may have limitations based on specific circumstances or branches. It’s advisable to reach out to our team for a consultation to discuss your individual case and determine our ability to represent you effectively.

Is it really worth paying for defense? What’s the benefit over using a JAG?

While JAG officers are skilled, they may have limited time and resources. Hiring a dedicated defense team like Military Trial Defenders ensures you receive focused, personalized attention and expertise in sexual assault and drug offense cases. We are committed to fighting for your rights and achieving the best possible outcome for your situation, making it well worth the investment in your defense.


What Offenses Lead to Discharge Vs. Dishonorable Discharge Or Bad Conduct Discharge?

Offenses within the military justice system can result in various types of discharges. While less severe offenses may lead to a standard discharge, more serious misconduct can lead to a Dishonorable Discharge or Bad Conduct Discharge. The specific charges and circumstances determine the type of discharge, and it’s crucial to consult with legal experts, like Military Trial Defenders, to understand the potential consequences for your situation.

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