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Las Vegas and the surrounding area is home to two major military installations, Nellis US Air Force Base and Creech Air Force Base. With a metro area population of over 2,200,000 people, 43 million annual visitors, a short drive to Lake Mead, and the world capital of gaming and nighlife, Las Vegas boasts never-ending activity for both active duty military personnel and civilians.


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Tim Cedar Nevada Certified Military Lawyer

Tim Cedar, an attorney with a decade of military justice experience as a Navy JAG, is dedicated to achieving justice for his clients. He represents service members in various branches, handling UCMJ charges and appeals. Additionally, he manages Redwood Law PLLC, where he combines his trial and civil litigation experience to advocate for injured pedestrians and cyclists in Las Vegas, NV area, bringing both legal skill and personal passion to these cases. Tim’s unwavering commitment to justice has been a constant in his career, from his military service to his civilian practice.

Christopher Cazares Nevada Certified Military Lawyer

Chris Cazares started his legal career with the Air Force. He holds a J.D. and boasts over a decade of legal experience. His career has encompassed roles as both a defense lawyer and prosecutor, reflecting his adaptability and unwavering commitment to justice. Commissioned in the United States Air Force in 2001, Chris served as a military defense lawyer, top-ranked prosecutor, and instructor. He has handled numerous cases, including a death penalty defense, and is dedicated to meeting his clients’ unique needs. His impactful legal contributions extend to the Las Vegas, NV community, where he has made a significant mark.

Lance Wood Nevada Certified Military Lawyer

Lance Wood, has spent 20+ years as a military defense lawyer. His journey began with a solemn oath taken 37 days after 9/11 to uphold and defend the Constitution as part of the United States Air Force JAG Corps. Lance’s extensive career included roles as a prosecutor, defense counsel, and appellate defense counsel, earning him recognition as the #1 Senior Defense Counsel in the Air Force in 2011. His unwavering commitment to justice and defending those who protect America is evident, and as a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, he continues to champion this cause. Lance’s work in Las Vegas, NV, reflects his belief that the Constitution is not a mere technicality but a cornerstone of justice.

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What Our Clients Say

I cannot stress enough just how impressed I am with Lance. I am so appreciative for all of the work he put into my case and the sheer professionalism he showed me every time we talked. Lance is extremely knowledgeable with military law, does his homework, knows the current sentencing trends, and has met and exceeded all of my expectations. Not only is he an amazing lawyer to have on your side for court, he is also extremely personable and is an absolute breath of fresh air. Lance was able to walk me through step by step on every single portion of the process and really put my mind at ease due to his ability to intelligently answer every question I had. If you are looking for a military trial lawyer, THIS IS YOUR GUY!” –  A Military Serviceman 



Nellis Air Force Base

Located a short distance from the world-famous Las Vegas strip and nearby Nevada Test and Training Range Nellis Air Force Base hosts military schools, air combat exercises, close air support exercises, and more.  Gaining it’s name on April 30th, 1950, and later it’s nickname, the “Home of the Fighter Pilot”, Nellis is now the Air Force’s focus for advanced combat training and is home to more squadrons than any other US Air Force Base.

Recent statistics indicate Nellis employs approximately 9,500 military and civilian personnel, with a total military population of roughly 40,000, including family members and retired military personnel in the area

Creech Air Force Base

Also located in Clark County in Southern Nevada is Creech Air Force Base. Primarily commanded to provide control and facilities for remotely piloted aircraft such as the MQ-9 Reaper and MQ-1 Predator, Creech is also the aerial demonstration training site for the Thunderbirds military air demonstration team.

Military Trial Defense Services

With years of military duty, as well as serving as legal as councel within the military, and a unique team approach to the process, Military Trial Defenders is your firm that will fight for you through the military justice system. We take cases anywhere in the world and have offices local to Las Vegas.  Our experienced team of attorneys specialize in sexual assault, drug offense legal defense, and more. 

Sexual Assault

Military personnel facing sexual assault charges must have a dedicated team of legal defenders as these crimes are difficult and complicated to navigate. Consequences can range from disciplinary actions to federal convictions to sex offender registration or up to life in prison. Due to of the gravity and complications behind military sexual assault charges, you need a team as experienced as Military Trial Defenders.

Drug Offenses

Drug use offenses and positive drug tests can be a career-ending charge for members of the military.  That’s why you need an experienced team of military specialists on your side. The consequences surrounding these drug offenses can be very complicated depending on the circumstances and severity of charges.  If you are facing charges for a positive drug test or urinalysis, you need a defense lawyer on your side to help.

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