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Tim Cedar Nevada Certified Military Lawyer

Tim Cedar has spent a decade serving his clients with resolute dedication. Transitioning to civilian practice, Tim continues his mission of defending those who serve the country, earning widespread respect for his expertise in military justice and litigation, particularly within the Las Vegas legal community, where he focuses on addressing the distinctive needs of service members.

Christopher Cazares

Chris Cazares started his legal career with the Air Force. He holds a J.D. and boasts over a decade of legal experience. His career has encompassed roles as both a defense lawyer and prosecutor, reflecting his adaptability and unwavering commitment to justice. Commissioned in the United States Air Force in 2001, Chris served as a military defense lawyer, top-ranked prosecutor, and instructor. He has handled numerous cases, including a death penalty defense, and is dedicated to meeting his clients’ unique needs. His impactful legal contributions extend to the Tacoma, Washington community, where he has made a significant mark.

Lance Wood Nevada Certified Military Lawyer

A dedicated member of the Air Force JAG Corps since 9/11, Lance Wood, now retired from active duty, has devoted over 20 years to safeguarding the rights of his clients with unwavering commitment. As an active member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Lance is renowned for his steadfast advocacy for service members, earning respect nationally while maintaining a strong presence in the legal community of Las Vegas. Importantly, Lance is a retired Air Force Judge Advocate who intimately understands the inner workings of the Air Force judicial and administrative processes.

Meet Lance

What Our Clients Say

“Very Professional, VERY knowledgeable. Mr. Lance Wood is with you through the whole process and makes sure you are kept in the loop in every step of the way. He responds quickly and makes sure you are comfortable with the work he is doing. He explains every little thing he is doing, even if it may seem unnecessary to explain it. He makes sure you are well informed on your rights and steps you can take. When he gives recommendations on the course you should take he explains the pros and cons of each decision. He takes his job very seriously and goes above and beyond while in court. I would HIGHLY recommend Lance. He will make you feel comfortable and confident with the work he does. He will never make you feel less than educated or unintelligent if you do not understand something. He is always open to answer any questions you have no matter how big or small they may be.”



Are you a service member at Fort Cavazos facing a military trial or court-martial? Don’t navigate this complex legal terrain alone. Our experienced Military Trial Defenders are here to protect your rights, your career, and your future.

Why Choose Our Military Trial Defenders?

  1. Specialized Expertise: We focus exclusively on military law and court-martial defense, giving you an edge in your case.
  2. Fort Cavazos Experience: Our team has a deep understanding of the specific legal landscape at Fort Cavazos.
  3. Proven Track Record: We’ve successfully defended numerous service members, achieving favorable outcomes in challenging cases.

Our Services for Fort Cavazos Personnel

Understanding Your Rights

As a service member, you have specific rights under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). These include:

  • The right to remain silent
  • The right to an attorney
  • The right to a fair trial

Our team will ensure these rights are protected throughout your case.

Facing a military trial at Fort Cavazos? Our experienced Military Trial Defenders specialize in court-martial defense. Protect your rights & career. Contact us

The Stakes Are High

A military trial can have serious consequences, including:

  • Confinement
  • Discharge from service
  • Loss of benefits
  • Impact on future civilian employment

Don’t risk your future. Let our experienced defenders fight for you.

Why Act Now?

The earlier you secure legal representation, the better your chances of a favorable outcome. Our team can:

  • Gather crucial evidence
  • Interview witnesses
  • Develop a strong defense strategy
  • Negotiate with prosecutors

Contact Us Today

Don’t face this challenging time alone. Our team is ready to stand by your side and fight for your rights.

Call us now or fill out our contact form for a confidential consultation. We’re here to help you navigate this difficult period and work towards the best possible outcome for your case.

Remember, your choice of legal representation can make all the difference. Choose the experienced Military Trial Defenders who understand the unique challenges faced by Fort Cavazos service members.

Facing a military trial at Fort Cavazos? Our experienced Military Trial Defenders specialize in court-martial defense. Protect your rights & career. Contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cases do you handle at Fort Cavazos?

We handle a wide range of cases including court-martials, Article 15 proceedings, administrative separations, and appeals. Common charges we defend against include AWOL, drug offenses, sexual assault, and other UCMJ violations.

How is a military trial at Fort Cavazos different from a civilian trial?

Military trials follow the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and have unique procedures. They’re typically faster than civilian trials, use military judges and juries (called “members”), and can result in military-specific punishments like reduction in rank or discharge.

Can I choose my own lawyer for a military trial at Fort Cavazos?

 Yes. While you’ll be assigned a military defense counsel, you have the right to hire a civilian military law attorney. Many service members choose to have both for a stronger defense

How long does a typical court-martial process take at Fort Cavazos?

 The timeline can vary, but most cases are resolved within 3-6 months from the date charges are preferred. Complex cases may take longer.

What are the possible outcomes of a court-martial at Fort Cavazos?

 Outcomes range from acquittal to conviction with punishments such as confinement, fines, reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay, or discharge from service. The specific outcome depends on the charges and evidence presented.

Can I appeal a court-martial conviction from Fort Cavazos?

 Yes, you have the right to appeal. The process typically starts with the Fort Cavazos convening authority and can progress to the Army Court of Criminal Appeals and potentially higher.

How does hiring your firm affect my relationship with my assigned military counsel?

 We work collaboratively with assigned military counsel. Our expertise complements theirs, providing you with a robust defense team.

What should I do if I'm under investigation at Fort Cavazos but haven't been charged yet?

 Contact us immediately. Early intervention can often lead to better outcomes, including potentially preventing charges from being filed.

How do I prepare for my first meeting with your defense team?

 Gather any relevant documents (like charge sheets or investigation reports), write down your account of events, and prepare questions. Remember, everything you tell us is confidential.

Can you help with administrative separations at Fort Cavazos?

 Yes, we represent service members in administrative separation boards, aiming to help you retain your career or secure a favorable discharge characterization.

How quickly can you start working on my case at Fort Cavazos?

 We understand the time-sensitive nature of military cases. We can usually begin working on your case within 24-48 hours of initial contact.

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