Thank You!

  Posted by a service member from Colorado Springs on December 2023  | I highly recommend Lance Wood for legal representation, especially for military legal issues. As a military officer, I was shocked when false allegations were made against me by an ex-wife and her boyfriend, prompting an investigation. The situation was extremely distressing and could have majorly impacted my career.

Despite being busy with a high-profile case, Mr. Wood responded right away when I contacted him. He quickly coordinated with the investigating agent and laid out strategic options, risks, and recommendations. Mr. Wood and his team conducted a fact-finding mission to build my defense.

Thanks to Mr. Wood’s counsel, the investigation was resolved. His expertise with military law was evident. I’m grateful that I can now move forward with my career and life.

If you are a service member needing top-notch legal representation, especially for UCMJ matters, I highly recommend connecting with Lance Wood. His responsiveness and grasp of military law makes him an exceptional attorney.

Simply the Best Advocate You Will Find!

  Posted by a service member from Colorado Springs on October 2023  | We cannot state strongly enough how grateful we are that Mr. Wood took on our case. He was always professional, communicative, and had vast knowledge about our issue and the steps we needed to take. While it was an incredibly challenging time for our family, he remained positive and delivered the result we had all been praying for!

Thank you!

Posted by a service member from Washington, DC on September 2023  | Lance Wood represented me when I was falsely accused of several heinous offenses. From the initial consultation to the end of the trial, Lance stayed in contact with updates, remained extremely professional, and had top tier knowledge of the military legal world which ultimately prevailed in the courtroom and resulted in my full acquittal. I would recommend to anyone in desperate legal need, reach out to Mr. Wood. I am forever thankful!

Extremely thrilled with this attorney

  Posted by a service member from Colorado Springs on September 2023  | Mr. Wood is one of the best people I know, not just lawyer. He saved my family’s future after my Command decided to take the political path instead of the correct path. He was with me and my family every step of the way. I don’t know where or who I would be without him. He stood up to my command and gave me my sense of purpose back. He knows what he is doing in every type of military procedure and is definitely worth having on your side. I definitely recommend him to any military personnel who need representation.

Amazing Lawyer!

  Posted by a service member from Colorado Springs, January 2023  | I never thought I’d need a trial defender in my military career. I’m glad though that I called and got in touch with Tim Ceder. He helped me through what I felt was an unbelievably tough time, saved my career and proved my innocence. His dedication, professionalism, and advice walking me through every step was extremely helpful. Thanks again Tim!!

Aggressive Representation, Fast Acting

  Posted by a service member from Colorado Springs,  January 2023  | Mr. Wood defended my case for false allegations which in turn resulted the dismissal of a field grade article 15 and separation board. He is professional in his work and remains in contact with you at all times. I can’t thank him enough and would recommend his services to anyone.

Very reliable

  Posted by a service member from Colorado Springs, January, 2022  | Working with Mr Lance Wood was very comforting in a very confusing time. He is very compassionate and has a plan which gives the process a clear direction. This put me at ease and prevented me from spiraling into worst case scenarios. I appreciate what Mr Wood has done for me.

I'm Forever Thankful

  Posted by a service member from Colorado Springs, September 2021  |  Hired Lance

When I was going through a hard time fighting my Court Martial, Lance Wood was the only lawyer that got back to me in a timely manner. Not only that but he was able to bring a new light to my case, which resulted in my over all achievement of a 2 year fight in just a few months. If not for him, I wouldn’t be here today.

Words can't explain my gratitude

  Posted by a service member from Colorado Springs, September 2021  |

Lance helped me through the toughest part of my life. He was a great lawyer, advisor, and person. I highly recommend hiring Lance and his team because of the time and care they put into their work. I have already given Lances info too other friends and family who are in need of counseling. Thank you again Lance!

Great Lawyer!

  Posted by a service member from Colorado Springs, March 2020  | Without getting into too much detail, Mr. Lance Wood (LtCol USAF reserves) defended me when times looked bleak. I felt hopeless. I was accused of something I did not do. I was accused of something that makes me sick to my stomach. He defended my career, my family, and my life. He was there for me during a 2 year investigation, the following article 32 hearing and the eventual General Court Martial. He aggressively fought tooth and nail for me and together we won the fight! I am so thankful for his expertise. He kept me updated all along in the process. There were literally zero surprises. He always seemed a step ahead. If you need the best representation, look no further than Mr. Lance Wood!

Saved my military career

  Posted by a service member from Colorado Springs, February 2020  |

Lance Wood literally saved my life. I was falsely accused by an ex wife for sexual assault. This lead to a General Court Marshall. I was looking at four separate false allegations each with 30 years attached to them with 120 years total for something I didnt do. Lance was the most professional attorney I have ever had the privilege to work with. I will never forget his closing argument for as long as I live. It was something that needed to go down in the history books. It was the most concise dissection of how my ex wife and her family framed me I have ever heard. It was chronologically orded, exquisitely detailed, and perfectly framed for the jury to completely understand all the events that took place and how she methodically took steps to frame me. When Lance was talking everyone was on the edge of their seats. He was prepared for anything because he had prepared for everything. If I could give Military Trial Defenders more than five stars I would. Lance is humble but when he walks in the court room with the confidence of a lion the prosecution starts sweating. I’ll never forget when the prosecution realized he was my attorney she look like she wanted to hide or leave the room. I would recommend Lance Wood to anyone who is facing serious false allegation charges. Military Trial Defenders work day and night to ensure you are taken care of. I implore you to seriously consider Lance Wood if you ever need help because of false allegations.

Straight Forward

  Posted by a service member from Colorado Springs, January 2020  | Mr. Wood was very professional and approachable. I felt like he formed a good plan. A couple times during the trial things didn’t go as planned and he did a great job of thinking on his feet and was able to turn the situation in his favor. I would recommend his talents and knowledge of the law to friends and family who need his services.


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