Thank You!

   Anonymous review posted on October 19, 2017  |  Lance Wood stayed in contact with me all throughout my case and also set a date for trial sooner than expected and he pushed the prosecutor to go over the evidence of our case and fought to get me out sooner. He got our case dropped quickly. I also want to thank him for everything else he did that I wasn’t able to witness. I would recommend him to anyone in need.

Saved our Son from dis-enrollment from AF Academy

  Posted by Craig on May 9, 2018  |  Hired Lance to represent our son in a case of possible dis-enrollment from the Air Force Academy. During his senior year, our son was involved in an Academy incident/investigation involving a number of cadets. The outcome involved the possibility of dis-enrollment from the Academy. We hired Lance to represent and guide our son through the process. Lance was extremely knowledgeable of the process, helped our son with his responses and rebuttals to the incident, and provided us(the parents) with constant updates of what was happening and the possible outcomes. Lance was very up front, honest, and professional in how he dealt with the situation, our son, and with us. I truly believe that without the assistance(Legal and Professionally) Lance advised our son concerning this incident, that he would have been dis-enrolled from the Academy. In the end, our son will be graduating from the Academy, and continuing with his career as an Air Force officer. I have complete confidence in Lance, and his ability to do what is necessary to provide his client with every possible resource in representing their best interests. THANK YOU Lance!

Simply the Best Advocate You Will Find!

  Anonymous review posted on October 20, 2016  | In the complicated system that is our military, Lance is a must have on your side! He is savvy, responsive and a skilled negotiator. My daughter is active duty Air Force, and without Lance I’m quite certain she would have been discharged. He was quick to help and was able to turn a horrible situation around. We are so pleased at the outcome Lance was able to achieve, and in such a short amount of time. Well worth every penny!

Extremely thrilled with this attorney

  Anonymous review posted on October 17, 2016  | I achieved a positive resolution with the expertise of Mr Lance Wood!! I was facing a chapter, actually it was already underway when I desperately reached out for some legal help. From the very first phone call, even before I hired him, he spent over 30 minutes on the phone with me providing such great advice. Whether or not I decided to hire him, he was already giving me his expertise. He seemed knowledgeable, but what struck me was how friendly he was from the very first phone call. Of course I hired him (other attorneys I called did not seem interested nor give me the time to explain my situation) and along the way I realized what a great decision that was. I am thrilled to say that he was able to get the chapter dismissed. All along the way (and these things go on for months) he was unbelievably responsive. Every single time I reached out to him, he called me back within a few hours. I emailed him countless times with questions and concerns, and he emailed me back EVERY SINGLE TIME. If you are looking for a knowledgeable military attorney, you cannot choose better than Lance. This is an attorney who will always answer your questions, and you will not believe how friendly he is from the very first time you speak with him. He was also able to assure me each step of the way to be patient. Of course it’s hard going through something like this, but if you have an expert on your side, then the process is smoother and a heck of a lot less stressful. Although he is highly accomplished, his rate was extremely reasonable. No other reason to call anyone else, Lance is the best for sure.

Amazing Lawyer!

  Posted by F. Sanchez August 16, 2016  | Lance Wood confidence, charisma, and extensive knowledge of military law are evident the moment you speak with him. He worked countless hours dedicating his time to my case ensuring the best outcome. I know I would not receive the same dedication if I stuck with my assigned defense lawyer. During this pending investigation I became stressed, irritable, and felt not myself but working with Lance eliminated all negative feelings. Highly recommend hiring Lance if you need a good military lawyer!

Aggressive Representation, Fast Acting

  Anonymous review posted on August 3, 2016  | I am Active Duty Army and was suspected of Article 120- Rape. I knew I never did anything wrong from the beginning, however, I was treated as if I was convicted of the crime. I had no idea what to do and I felt as if I was a sitting duck. Jag could not see me for another two months and I consulted several attorney’s with different styles. I did not feel comfortable with any of them for several reasons. I kept digging for someone in my local area and I found Lance Wood. I gave him a call and he answered right away. Lance, has a proven track record in the Air Force, serving many roles in the judicial system which gives him the advantage in every situation. Lance knows what and when everything is going on in the process of your investigation, pre-trial, and trial. Lance quickly gave me his expert opinion and I hired him. Within the first few days, he had built rapport with the prosecutor and had an idea of which way the investigation was going. Lance informed the prosecutor of some information that would change the course of everything. A few months later the non-prosecution (in my favor) memo was sent up and I was clear. Mr. Wood is certainly qualified for any and every job. As a male in the military, we are automatically guilty, so it makes things very difficult. If you find yourself in a terrible situation like this, give lance a call and he will work hard by your side to win your case.

Very reliable

  Posted by Ana May 18, 2016  | I did not use him personally but I saw how he handled my sisters case. Lance was kind and very professional from the first consultation and through the whole the case. Very thorough and quick to reply to questions and concerns she had on her case. I will be keeping his information for any future consultations or to recommend to family and friends.

I'm Forever Thankful

  Anonymous review posted on September 28, 2015  |  Hired Lance

In 2008 I was a new airman in the Air Force when I was accused a crime against another airman. I thought this was it and I thought just as soon as I started my life in the Air Force, it was going to be over just like that. I had doubt, I was fearful, and I pretty much didn’t know what to do or had nobody to turn to having never dealt with anything remotely close to this in my life. Then that’s when I met my military attorney. Prior to the start of the trial, at the time Maj. Lance Wood would be assigned as my senior defense counsel. After meeting Mr. Wood I cant express how much weight he lifted off my shoulders, he was literally there to help me carry the weight of the chaos that I was currently in. We sat down and I was able to actually tell my story of the events that had taken place, then based off of my explanation and the possible evidence that would be presented, he was able to convey across the best possible options for me to take during the trial to have the best outcome for my defense. Then for a couple of weeks he put together a very strong defense and we discussed what would or could happen during court proceedings and as well as what I should do to correctly respond to prosecution questioning in the event I would have to take the witness stand. With the defense that Mr. Wood was able to put together for me, it assured me that I had a chance of a successful trial. During the trial Mr. Wood was eager and very much able to argue against prosecuting evidence and statements and because of that there was undoubtedly never an obvious point that he never had control of the court room. Because of the excellent defense produced by Mr. Wood, the jury deliberated for no less than one hour and returned with a verdict of not guilty. Since the trial I have been able to continue on to have a very successful military career to support the amazing family that I now have.

Over all Mr. Wood conducted himself in a manner that showed great respect, professionalism, and attention to detail for his profession and I would strongly recommend his services to anybody who requires a criminal defense lawyer. He is a tremendous person of character and I am forever grateful for the time and effort that he put into my case.

Words can't explain my gratitude

  Posted by Abel September 15, 2015  |

My expericence was over whelming.I met Lance when i was facing an agg. assult with a deadly wepon and was looking at 28 years with the max sentence.And he took on my case load after my case was already under way.From the beging Lance was ready to listen to my side of the story.At first Lance asked me how I wanted to proceed with my case.I was already fruastrated with others unwillingness to listen to my side of the story.That i sarcasticly answered.Why dont I tell you what happen and you tell me how we can proceed with this.I was really amazed that he actually heard my every word and at the end of my story Lance gave me so many alternitives on how to proceed with my case..And togetther we both came up with the best way to fight my case.Through my whole case Lance allowed me to work along him in every aspect of my case.Not once did he ever keep me and my family in the dark about what was going on in my case.he explained in detail to me and my family what we did not understand.Lance did an outstanding job representing me.He put together a great team to help in my defence.Whom i am also greatful to. My trial lasted three days.I was found not guilty on self defence.Needless to say. I am now back where I belong.Along side my family.Days after Lance cotinued to show support.By following up to see how i was readjusting to being back with my family.And to assure me that if there where any other issues or questions that he could help with Legally he would more then happy to help or give advise.Thank You Lance for all you did for me.

Straight Forward

  Posted by aisclub1983 February 21, 2015  | I was facing 12 felony charges when I first met Lance. Back then he was a Major in the United States Air Force and I was a Non-commissioned Officer. He did not sugarcoat anything, explained very clearly what my chances were, and what I should realistically count on. Lance dedicated an entire week to preparation for my trial. During that time I got to know him pretty well. The trial lasted four full days, and I can honestly say that we were a step ahead of the game the whole time. Every curve ball that was thrown at us was anticipated due to his prior experience with prosecution. We have won the case on all charges and I am still serving in the military. I have been promoted and decorated several times since my trial and every time there is anything positive in my life I always think of Lance, because if it wasn’t for his care and effort my life could have gone in a different direction.

Great Lawyer!

  Posted by F. Sanchez August 16, 2016  | Christopher Cazares professionalism and dedication to my case has helped keep my spirits high during this terrible time in my life. Prior to hiring Chris I was in the dark and was unsure of my assigned lawyer’s ability to remember my name. Immediately after contacting Chris, he volunteered to fly to my location in order to begin working immediately as my defense lawyer. He brought me to a better place during this terrible time. Countless hours were spent interviewing, investigating, and speaking with me at all times of the day. Chris always answered my calls late at night, or even on weekends which helped calm my nerves. Another thing I truly appreciate & admire was his willingness to answer questions and address concerns that my family has had throughout this situation. His step by step explanation of the process has helped put my family and friends at ease. His extensive knowledge of the UCMJ process was evident especially during my pre-trial case. He is a bad ass lawyer but importantly; I also gained a friend during this time! Don’t hesitate; hire Chris if you need a good military defense lawyer!

Saved my military career

  Posted by Doug January 18, 2016  |

Christopher Cazares saved my military career. I found out on a Thursday last October that my commander was initiating a demotion action reducing me to the grade of SSgt based off an incident in which there was an alleged significant loss of funds to the unit. I was stunned because I had corresponded and got the approval of a Budget Analyst who had a position above me in in taking the actions that I took. There had been a huge miscommunication between me and her which had resulted in the alleged loss. The memo that was being used as the supporting document by my commander was written by this same budget analyst who was concealing her true role in the incident.

I had a meeting with the Area Defense Council the morning after before being notified of the demotion. The night before I had written out a bunch of points that I wanted to discuss the the ADC. I was disheartened to find out when I went to my appointment that I wasn’t able to meet with the actual ADC, and the paralegal that I was able to talk to seemed to be entertaining the points I was making with a feigned interest. The meeting only lasted 20 minutes. I just got the impression that I would get a very weak defense, and that “I was done”. I talked to my father that Friday night resigned to the fact that I would have little chance of winning the case. My father told me that I would forever regret “what might have been” if I didn’t seek the services of civilian counsel to defend me. He had done some research and got in touch with a sharp lawyer named Mike Coco. I wrote my rebuttal that Saturday and sent it to Mike. I found out Sunday afternoon that Mike had to end up removing himself from the case. I asked him if he could recommend my case to anyone, which is how I got in touch with Chris that Sunday night. When I talked to Chris I was immediately impressed with the sharp legal insight he brought to the facts to my case. We talked for about 30-40 minutes over the phone that night, at the end of the conversation he told me to send him all the documents pertaining to the case so that he could review that night. He also told me to get a good nights rest and that he would be in touch with me that morning. I was able to sleep well that night because I felt that in a short conversation over the phone he was able to drill down the essential facts which would lead to a sharp defense. We corresponded several times over the phone in the next couple of days. My temperament was changed from the week before to one of great hope that I would win my case. It was very apparent that Chris not only had great skill but that he took a deep interest and cared about the case . What I was especially impressed with the fact that by reviewing the documentation that he was able to discern truths about relationships that I had with the parties involved and fundamental supervisory communication deficiencies that existed in my unit. I didn’t feel like I had to constantly call him and tell him my side of the case, he was able to discern things on his own. It gave me a great since of solace to know that I was in good hands and that I could let him concentrate on making a great defense while I could concentrate on keeping myself together at work. I also knew that my case was getting the attention it deserved. . When I got the final rebuttal back from Chris on Wednesday I was very happy with it. When I sent it to my father he responded “Wow, Wow, Wow!”.

The case ended up lingering on for a little over a month, but we ended up winning. Chris I know sensed how stressed and hurt I was by the implications of the demotion. Throughout that month he went out of his way to reach out to me as a friend and not just my lawyer. When you are going through a legal proceeding you have no idea how much strength you get from knowing your lawyer cares about you. I will always be grateful and know that I would have lost if I hadn’t had the great fortune of contacting him that Sunday night.

A Real Comfort in Trying Times.

  Posted by Julius January 16, 2016  | There are no words that I feel can accurately frame Christopher. His determination and dedication to my case could only be rivaled by his compassion and empathy for me. In the weeks leading up to trial we were in constant communication, keeping me totally updated on everything. However, months thereafter he was still in contact. Always the consummate professional, yet during the most difficult moments of my life; Christopher Cazares was much more than my advocate. He was my friend.

Best lawyer so far

  Posted by Colin January 15, 2016  | He prepared me to be a lawyer in my own case. Extremely knowledgeable and professional. The outcome of my case might have been different without Chris. He gave me the confidance I needed to make it through the trial. Will use again.

Great Military Law Attorney

  Anonymous review posted on January 14, 2016  | I hired Mr. Cazares to assist my son in preparing for and presenting his UCMJ case. Mr. Cazares was able to keep my son’s spirits and hope up during the entire process. He worked tirelessly with my son on his case and kept us informed during the entire process. Mr. Cazares, also, stepped away from his personal life in order to take my son’s case on short notice in a different state. I can’t say enough good things about Mr. Cazares. He’s incredibly knowledgeable with regards to the UCMJ. The outcome of my son’s case was successful and I attribute that to Mr. Cazares’s professionalism and expertise in dealing with military law.

Very professional and personable

  Posted by Jimmie October 7, 2015  | Great lawyer and great guy. Really went out of his way and did everything possible to help me with my case. Also helped me stay positive through the whole thing. Hired an attorney and feel like I gained a friend as wel

Excellent Criminal Defense Lawyer

  Posted by Steven September 7, 2015  | Christopher Cazares handled my case with outstanding professionalism and offered vital advice for me and my family through out the entire legal process. Cazares’s sound judgement, guidance and ability to see through the storm, is the reason why our case prevailed and led to a victory.


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