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What Constitutes a Military Computer Crime?

What Constitutes a Military Computer Crime?

Description: Explore military computer crimes, legal repercussions, and prevention measures. Uncover responsible computer use and cybersecurity in sensitive environments

A court-martial is not an intuitive or familiar environment for the military member. When you are facing a court-martial, this will likely be the first time that you step into a military courtroom. There are three things that we would like you to know as you begin one of the most difficult times in your life.

First, hiring a civilian defense lawyer is not for everybody. Let me explain. The person who walks into the car dealership looking to pay the smallest amount of money, likely does not appreciate the difference between a Corolla or a Lamborghini, which is fine, but understanding value means appreciating the difference between high performance and simply getting from point a-to-point-b. Our firm is a performance based entity that values depth over breadth. We have spent over two decades in the military justice arena and we appreciate every single opportunity we have spent in court. Both Lance and I have been recognized as the top of the food chain when it comes to military lawyers. That recognition comes from experience. When you hire our firm we do not simply ask you to believe that we are high performance, we simply ask that you appreciate every repetition we have done in order to distinguish ourselves from the fun of the mill civilian or military attorney who has been in court a few times. We are not the same thing as a Corolla and we have the performance based results that you should want from a high performance military law firm.

Next, we want to talk with you. Our case, our success, is something that cannot be viewed as fire-and-forget or paying away your problems. As a civilian defense lawyer our greatest asset is always the client. No one understands the facts or your career better than you. Lance and I attended the prestigious Trial Lawyer’s College and implement their methodology in every case we do. As military defense lawyers, both Lance and I had amazing results. However, as civilian defense lawyers, we enjoy the luxury of being exposed to so many things that help us as attorneys that are so far beyond the military practice. Our client is the biggest part of this process.

Finally, when you hire our firm you have hired a team. Lance and I work every court-martial together. We do not charge an additional fee. We believe that bringing a team to the fight is what makes the greatest difference. We recognize that separately we have received high praise, but ultimately we have strengths in the courtroom that allow for a better defense of the client when we work together.



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