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If you were recently charged with an offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), you may feel unsupported, isolated, and vulnerable. And if you performed a Google search for a military defense lawyer, you may feel overwhelmed by a number of options there are to sort through. To ensure that you develop the best possible defense, you need a competent and experienced lawyer. Your lawyer should meet your individual needs. The team at Military Trial Defenders has compiled a few things to help you as you work to find the right military defense attorney. 

Experience Matters

It probably goes without saying that an experienced lawyer is an important factor when it comes to winning a crucial case. Many people choose to opt for inexperienced JAG lawyers to save money. While inexperienced lawyers are not necessarily bad lawyers, they are probably not the support you want defending you in a court-martial context. At Military Trial Defenders, our lawyers have over 30 years of combined experience with all kinds of military cases. We cover everything from Article 15s to sexual assault to drugs to child pornography offenses. Remember that if you hire civilian counsel, you can also keep your JAG attorney. That means that you will receive two military attorneys for the price of one.

Time is Valuable

A good military attorney should tell you how much time they’ll be able to spend on your case. Some lawyers are overworked – particularly lawyers that the military assigns to cases. If you choose to work with outside counsel (which is highly recommended), your civilian military lawyer should offer you a quote on how many hours and how much money it will cost. They should also be efficient with time. In an important case, time – and your freedom –  is more valuable than money. Military Trial Defenders lawyers are committed to offering each case the individual attention and time it needs.

Explanations are Important

A lawyer should not always tell you what you want to hear because that is probably not going to make your case successful. Neither should a lawyer move forward with decisions without explaining the process to you. The best military defense lawyers explain their actions every step of the way. They can equip you to make the best possible decisions. At Military Trial Defenders, we are committed to educating our clients about their situations and the possible legal steps they can take.

Passion is Key

A military defense lawyer who isn’t passionate about a case will not demonstrate the necessary commitment a successful defense needs. At Military Trial Defenders, we are not just passionate about the law. We are also passionate about defending America’s defenders. We will also ensure a fair trial. And we will be the voice for those who have sacrificed everything for their country. So, if you are looking for an experienced and passionate military defense lawyer, contact us today.



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