The Law and PTSD – How a Civilian Military Attorney Can Help

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Few people deserve more honor than the valiant heroes who have sacrificed their well-being and risked their very lives to serve their country. Members of the military have a special place in the hearts of American citizens. They are well-respected and celebrated members of society. Unfortunately, for the countless military members who have served in war, it can sometimes be challenging to integrate back into society. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a reality that many war veterans face. It can affect their daily lives and decisions. A civilian military attorney at Military Trial Defenders is ready to navigate the delicate cases that involve PTSD and military members. While there are several instances of infractions of the law that concern PTSD, the following example clearly demonstrates the common complications of PTSD at it pertains to the legal system.

A Hit and Run Example

Consider the following scenario: A war veteran returns home from the battlefield. She begins the task of living a “normal” life again. This includes taking the kids to and from school, paying the bills, grocery shopping, etc. Because the veteran is also dealing with PTSD, however, ‘normal’ life is a little hazy. The military member is constantly having nightmares, suffering from mild panic attacks, and continuously feels like they are being chased. This occurs even though the military member knows logically that she is no longer in war.

While driving home from the grocery store one day, the war veteran accidentally rear-ends the car in front of her. Under normal circumstances, the veteran would stop and make sure everything was okay. With PTSD, however, the military member might experience ‘fight or flight. Her brain may try to convince her that she are still in war. She may end up fleeing the scene, not recognizing the problem with the action until long after she has returned home. It is obviously illegal to ‘run’ after rear-ending a car, but PTSD makes the situation far less black and white. A civilian military attorney has the responsibility and the mantle of representing military members who make mistakes in the law due to PTSD.

A Civilian Military Attorney Defends those Who Their Country

Not every war veteran experiences PTSD, of course. Not everyone who suffers from PTSD experiences it to the degree shown in the previous example. Nonetheless, PTSD can sometimes cause people to make decisions that they wouldn’t otherwise. A civilian military attorney works to defend the brave men and women who have defended our country. PTSD cases may be complicated. Thankfully, the attorneys at Military Trial Defenders are confident in their ability to sort through these legal scenarios and represent their clients accurately and fairly.  Contact us today.



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