A Military Defense Lawyer Busts Common Defense Myths

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What Constitutes a Military Computer Crime?

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When military personnel are faced with legal action, they have a very important choice to make – who they will choose for their military defense lawyer. While the military does provide service members with a free government lawyer, this is not their only option. Military allegations are incredibly serious, and it is essential that military members know their options and make a decision that will produce the best possible outcome. If you’re in need of assistance, turn to the Military Trial Defenders.

A Military Defense Lawyer Busts Common Defense Myths

Unfortunately, many members of the military are uneducated about their options when it comes to military defense. Here are some of the most common myths that circulate in military circles.

  • Myth #1

  • Myth #2

    • A free government lawyer has time for me. This may not be a myth, but it might not be true, either. Government defense counsel may be passionate and experienced, but they are also typically overworked and understaffed. If you case requires personalized attention (which, if we are being honest, all of them do), you shouldn’t bank on the fact that a free government lawyer has time to handle your case with full attention.
  • Myth #3

    • If I select my own lawyer, things will be harder for me. This is not true in any way. If you choose your own defender, it is actually harder for the government. When you have a strong defender standing by your side, you are more intimidating of a force.
  • Myth #4

    • I should look for a military defense lawyer who is local. While you definitely can select a local attorney, location is not as important as experience. If you live in Alaska but want to work with qualified lawyers who live in Texas, it is definitely possible. Military attorneys are allowed to practice at all US military courts and installations. Moreover, until at the military case actually goes to trial, most of the work is done by phone and email. If the case goes to trial, the attorney will likely be able to fly to your location.
  • Myth #5

    • A military defense lawyer is too expensive. While it may be tempting to choose free help overpaid help on first consideration, it is time to think again. A civilian military defense attorney may cost money, yes, but a poor defense could cost someone their career and reputation – not to mention the potential financial repercussions of being charged with an infraction. Most civilian military defense attorneys do everything they can to make their services affordable – and they do a thorough job because they are invested in the case.

A Military Defense Team in El Paso

When it comes to selecting military defense, the choice is ultimately up to the defendant. If you have been accused of a military infraction and are faced with a choice regarding defense, consider contacting the law team at Military Trial Defenders. They are equipped with the knowledge and experience they need to represent your case and defend your freedom.



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